"I have about 20 patients with ADHD who profit from cannabis products far more than from other medications. Most of them got an approval from the German Health Ministry to use cannabis flowers imported from the Netherlands (Bedrocan cannabis). I am convinced that there are many ADHD patients who profit from cannabis products, which sometimes nearly normalises their cognitive abilities, emotions, etc."

– Franjo Grotenhermen, MD and Executive Director of the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicine (Germany, 2014)

Countless thousands of patients around the world including myself swear that cannabis sativa is the only truly effective medicine for ADHD, many doctors already prescribe it to their patients for ADHD where laws allow it, and pre-clinical studies support the hypothesis that cannabis effectively treats ADHD. You can read about one of Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen's ADHD patients.

Many patients, parents and carers around the world are also being charged and sentenced for using medicinal cannabis to improve the quality of lives. You can read about recent examples of this injustice in the USA where a mother is facing child abuse charges for treating her childrens' ADHD with cannabis and in Australia where a father has been charged with supplying a drug to a child, received a fine and a suspended sentence for showing similar compassion for his children.

Others still have petitioned their governments to allow them to use this medicine, but without the clinical trials results supporting them they have had limited success. For example, in March 2014 after a 6 year juridical procedure, the request of an ADHD patient for an exemption from the criminal law in order to import Bedrocan products into France was rejected by Strasbourg Administrative Court.

The only way for most ADHD sufferers for whom the currently available medicines have failed to legally access this vital natural medicine is for a definitive strictly-controlled study of safety and efficacy to be done.

"In grade school I did my best work in the hallways... now I ingest 200 mg of CBD per day, for mental clarity, focus and lack of angst."

– Dr. Paul Hornby, ADHD sufferer, cannabis researcher and expert in human pathology (Canada, 2015)

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