"As long ago as 1998 medicinal cannabis activists in Oregon presented over 40 articles to the State Commission that determine covered conditions, on the benefits of cannabis for treating ADHD. I have had numerous patients with ADHD where cannabis either alone or in conjunction with conventional therapy, has worked better than conventional therapy."

– David Bearman, MD and Expert witness (USA, 2015)

You can read Dr. David Bearman's experiences with his patients and an explanation of the science at, or watch his explanation of the science on youtube. Additionally, you can read an excellent summary of this issue which also quotes Dr. Bearman.

And if you click here you will see a list of (at the time of this writing) 626 strains of various genetics which thousands of medical cannabis users have reported on as reducing the symptoms of their ADHD, which can then be refined to 110 strains that made patients more "focused" and 78 strains that made them more "relaxed", among other medicinal effects.

"As to whether it works for helping to treat ADHD, it's just like any other medication.  There are so many variables at play and it may for some and not for others.  There are also so many different cannabinoid profiles at play that we just don't know yet.  For me personally, yes it has helped. "

– Kayvan Khalatbari, ADHD sufferer, Candidate for Denver City Council 2015 and successful co-founder of Denver Relief Consulting which facilitates the provision of medicinal cannabis to patients in many US states and Canada (USA, 2014)

I am a patient who has self-medicated using cannabis to relieve the symptoms of ADHD for almost 20 years, mostly illegally but also legally through a doctor's recommendation for several months while visiting Canada many years ago, so I know what freedom really feels like and I know I deserve that.

You can read a very illuminating patient's story titled 'Won't somebody please think of the children which mimics my own story and those of countless other patients who self-medicate with cannabis to reduce the symptoms of their ADHD. You can also read a report in CBS News from 2002 about a Californian ADHD patient's treatment using cannabis. There is also an amazing peice of field research using an EEG Scanner showing that cannabis creates a measurable state of focus.

"It’s helped me so much, in so many ways. I have social anxiety bad, and it helps me with that. I have OCD. I have ADHD. It gets me out of the room." 

– Roseanne Barr, ADHD sufferer, Actress, Comedian, Writer, Television Producer, Director and 2012 US Presidential Nominee (USA, 2013)

You can read two more patients stories at and

Incidentally, one of the first ever recorded medicinal uses of cannabis was in China in 2737 BC to treat “Absent-mindedness” which our modern dictionary defines as "where a person shows inattentive or forgetful behaviour", describing perfectly one of the primary symptoms of ADHD.

“In 3rd grade they gave me Ritalin, which is basically speed. It slows you down if your a little hyper to begin with. It made me a zombie. It made me sit there and focus. I ended up getting better grades, but at what cost? I stopped taking it in my sophomore year. The medication was eating away at my stomach; I was getting ulcers in my esophagus. I was smoking weed at that point, and my parents knew -- they saw that I was calm and collected. They told me: "Matt, you can smoke weed, and you don't have to take Ritalin anymore. You can do your own thing." (USA, 2014) "I wish I could have used a form of medical marijuana when I was in 3rd grade." (2015)

 – Matt Riddle, ADHD sufferer, Mixed Martial Artist, and former UFC welterweight disqualified for testing positive for cannabis despite the fact that he’s a state-sanctioned medical cannabis user in Nevada.  He finished his UFC career ranked 3rd in UFC history for take down defence (89.3%) and 8th for total strikes landed (1350), and without positive cannabis tests would have held an octagon record of 9-3 with a streak of four consecutive victories.

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