"There is a substantial amount of anecdotal evidence that cannabis is an antidepressant. This is also supported by considerable amount of animal studies. Part of the error of the so-called experts who say the opposite (e.g., alleging cannabis causes depression) is their framing of the issue. They have a preconceived notion that cannabis is harmful and see people who are depressed using cannabis. Just because people who are depressed use cannabis does not mean there is causality. We know from work in Israel, as well as hundreds if not thousands of anecdotal reports, that cannabis has been found helpful in treating depression associated with PTSD. Depression is often a symptom of PTSD."

– Dr. David Bearman, MD and Expert Witness (USA, 2015)

Anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis use does not cause depression, and that the opposite is actually true, because cannabis is actually an anti-depressant. The consequences of the illegality of cannabis use can however cause very real anxiety which can eventually lead to paranoia and/or depression in those for whom this is a vital medicine that society wants to deny them of.

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