“When they [children with ADD or ADHD] ingest those cannabinoids or cannabis compounds, for example, marijuana, it lasts a lot longer [than smoking]. They can get all the way through the day with a single cannabis cookie or piece of toast with cannabis peanut butter in the morning before school. They don't have to get stoned. It's dose-related. But they do get the benefit of being able to focus and pay attention, not be impulsive, not be angry, be peaceful and relaxed and pay attention in school, which helps them get better grades, which is the important issue.”

– Claudia Jensen, MD and Pediatrician speaking of her testimony to US Congress on NBC News (USA, 2004) which you can watch in the video below.

Many experts and parents believe that cannabis is safe for use in children. It has been used by children with ADHD since 2004 or earlier. If there were going to be any adverse effects they would have been noticed by now.

Nonetheless rigorous safety testing of cannabis needs to be to be done assess any effects it may have on normal development before cannabis can be widely used to treat children with ADHD around the world. 

"I would estimate there is probably between 100 and 200 ADD and ADHD children in California who are eating marijuana cookies with great benefit. Comparing this with Ritalin, which has been used for years, Ritalin has killed over 300 children that I know of; it's probably greater than that. But marijuana, cannabis, has never killed anybody, ever. It's one of the safest drugs ever found."

– Dr. Phil Leveque, Osteopathic Physician (USA, 2009)

You can read about a recent study showing that cannabis does not damage teenagers' brain tissue while alcohol causes destruction. 

You can also read about another recent study that showed that cannabis does not decrease teens IQ, concluding as the study’s lead author was quoted in the Independent Business Times:

“Our findings suggest cannabis may not have a detrimental effect on cognition, once we account for other related factors particularly cigarette and alcohol use. This may suggest that previous research findings showing poorer cognitive performance in cannabis users may have resulted from the lifestyle, behavior and personal history typically associated with cannabis use, rather than cannabis use itself.”

Pediatrician Claudia Jensen MD speaks to MSNBC about treating ADHD in children using cannabis

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