When the funding, protocol, researchers and permits are all in place the project will be given access to the four strains of standardized medicinal cannabis and their placebos manufactured by Bedrocan through the Office of Medicinal Cannabis in The Netherlands.

These include Bedrocan flos (a sativa-dominant strain with 22% THC and less than 1% CBD), Bedrobinol (a 13.5% THC strain with less than 1% CBD), Bediol (a strain with 6.3% THC and 8% CBD), Bedica (which is an indica strain with 14% THC plus terpenes including the sedatory Myrcene and less than 1% CBD). Enquiries are being made regarding also testing their new Bedrolite product (a hemp strain with less than 1% THC and 9% CBD).

These medicines are produced under the European Union regulations for Good Manufacturing Practices through a standardized growing process that provides cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are consistent batch-to-batch (within a small medically acceptable margin of difference). Each (E.g., 25mg) dose of flowers therefore delivers a consistent milligram doge of THC and other active components into the patient's bloodstream each time the product is used, regardless of which batch it came from.

The proposed study will also be given some clinically validated Volcano vaporizers from Storz & Bickel in Germany.

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