Pediatrician Claudia Jensen MD speaks to MSNBC about treating ADHD in children using cannabis.

Dr David Bearman talks about treating ADHD using cannabis

Dr David Bearman explains how he came to support cannabis as a medicine for ADHD and the scientific basis for it.

NBC interviews Robert Jacob and Prof. Stephen Hinshaw

In this Youtube video NBC's baffled Medical Expert Dr. Nancy Snyderman interviews medicinal cannabis dispensary owner (and now Mayor of Sebastapol city in California) Robert Jacob and sceptical UC Berkeley psychology Professor Stephen Hinshaw regarding using cannabis to treat ADHD (2009). This interview demonstrates the need for a clinical study to settle the debate once and for all.

You can read a well balanced commentary on this issue by Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and author Katherine Ellison from 2010 which mentions Professor Hinshaw's unfounded, unscientific views at

Michael Backes talks about cannabis pharmacy in basic language