Medicinal cannabis dispensaries do not exist in most countries and are not likely to any time soon, so distribution through pharmacies is the only legally viable channel to make the medication available to most ADHD patients around the world as soon as possible. This is not Big Pharma monopolizing medicinal cannabis, it is medicinal cannabis users beating Big Pharma at its own game!

The Bedrocan flower products used in the clinical study are already available through pharmacies in many countries including Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Italy and the Czech Republic and simply need approval (E.g., by national Therapeutic Goods Associations) in other countries before they can be sold in those places also.

The pharmaceutical-grade cannabis concentrates created for the clinical trial and tested for efficacy in ADHD will be marketed initially through cannabis dispensaries in places where those legally exist.

These could for example be non-polar extracts (AKA, oils), that have undergone a subsequent polar wash process to become what are known in the aromatherapy industry as "absolutes". These are almost competely devoid of extraneous plant materials such as fibre and wax, and are therefore perfect for vaporization in a vaporizer device.

Official drug approval process applications will be undertaken in various countries so that these 100% clean extracts can be sold legally through pharmacies around the world. These drug approval processes are extensive and expensive, and will require separate funding to the initial clinical trial.

It is important to note that outside the USA there is currently almost no access to concentrated cannabis extracts, and if there is the products are often not even remotely clean and certainly not tested for safety and potency.

This situation means that most patients around the world can't currently use oil-specific vaporizer devices safely. Many such devices are the size and shape of a pen and significantly humanize the process of medicating with cannabis as they are smoke free, discreet, and dose-titratable, and that is something that all ADHD sufferers deserve.

Doctors could also prescribed these extracts "off label" for other conditions where laws allow that. For example a doctor may be permitted to prescribe the extracts created to treat ADHD for patients with other conditions if they feel they would benefit from them based on their own clinical expert opinion.

This second project will also be crowd-funded if possible. Ideally a group of cannabis patients from around the world will come together to help manage the development and marketing of these new medicines.

Partial profits from this work will be funnelled back into further research into treating ADHD and its sub-types using cannabis and cannabis extracts, and could possibly focus on other debilitating conditions in the future also.

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