"It took [the corrupt Nixon Administration and its successor in the US Government] from 1971, 72 to the late 1970's to create this myth that marijuana would lead to using harder substances... once that myth was established the numbers [of incarcerations] exploded" 

Ed Burns, Former Baltimore Homicide and Narcotics Police Detective (USA, 2014)

There is no evidence to suggest that using cannabis leads to harder drugs. This myth was invented by the corrupt US Government administration led by President Richard Nixon.

It was initially used to incarcerate and otherwise deter the many pot-smoking, draft-dodging hippies who's protests against the Vietnam War and who's peaceful natures were a considered a threat to the war effort.

Since the 1970s this abhorent myth has been perpetuated around the world because it has been politically and economically convenient for governments to direct their nation's public attention towards an invisible enemy in an imaginary "war on drugs".

The reality is that the illegality of cannabis for medicinal use in ADHD means that in order to access the medicine that makes us feel well many patients are forced to visit drug dealers who may also sell an array of hard drugs.

The only validity to the "gateway theory" is that the situation described provides vulnerable ADHD patients with the opportunity to try harder drugs which also help to control their symptoms but which can have truly dangerous side-effects, much higher prices than cannabis, and extreme potential for abuse.

This situation is also an invitation for naive and otherwise innocent ADHD sufferers to enter the criminal world (many doing so just to be able to afford their medicine), which can be very exciting at first but is all too often a downward spiral almost impossible to escape. 

This often leads to convictions and jail time where they meet hardened criminals. Jails are litterally full of ADHD and PTSD sufferers who's original non-violent, medicinal use of cannabis was the catalyst for their eventual downfall.

When they return to society they are shunned as outcast ex-convicts and are really only left with other criminals to associate with, so the cycle continues until they are doing long sentences for repeat offending, with no hope of ever living happy, healthy lives.

This keeps the prisons full which in turn employs the entire law enforcement and punishment sectors of all major economies. It is extremely profitable for governments and corporations to farm humans in prisons. 

If cannabis was made legal there would not be anywhere near the number of incarcerations necessary to justify the need for such enormous law enforcement and punishment sectors, and many people in those industries would lose their jobs. This is one of the main reasons cannabis is still illegal today. Its about money.

By empeaching Nixon the US rid itself of his corrupting influence, however in this area the damage was already done.

The unfortunate results of his deception are that the gateway phenomenon myth is still unnecessarily ruining countless lives for the economic and political benefit of unscruplous government officials, commercial jail companies, and the workers in those industries (from police and detectives, to lawyers and judges, to prison guards, and countless administration and support staff).

This situation is a human rights travesty, and those industries should be completely overhauled and scaled-back as necessary to accomodate the new paradigm of cannabis as a medicine.

Maybe police and detectives could then focus on solving violent crimes and stopping terrorism rather than condemning society's most vulnerable to lives of perpetual misery. There are countless talented and passionate cannabis growers currently incarcerated, many with ADHD and PTSD as noted, who's skill and passion could be much better utilised by society.

Maybe the empty prisons could be converted into secure medicinal cannabis industrial agriculture operations and the guards and support staff could stay employed to protect and manage them. That would certainly be more profitable than farming criminals, so when financially motivated governments and companies run the numbers they should also be able to justify it to themselves.

Any perpetuation of Nixon's ploy to criminalise and control innocent people almost half a century ago needs to be abandoned so that balance can be restored to the universe. He was a bad man, lets finally be rid of his influence.

Any gateway phenomenon that occurs is clearly a product of prohibition, not of cannabis itself.