These people have contributed greatly to furthering the science of treating ADHD using cannabis...

Major Contributors:

Elizabeth Leger, Ontario, Canada ($500)

Adrian Columb, Victoria, Australia ($500)

Alex Himebaugh, Maryland, USA ($350)

Nicholas Chang, California, USA ($350)

Gold Level Sponsors:

Robert Ellery, Victoria, Australia ($250)

Silver Level Sponsors:

The Don Medicinal Cannabis, New South Wales, Australia ($200)

Michaela Anez and family, Texas, USA ($100)

Bronze Level Sponsors:

Brian Gonzalez, California, USA ($50)

Kerrie Mathews, Victoria, Australia ($50)

Green Level Sponsors:

Tori Cavanaugh, Victoria, Australia ($40)

Amanda Newell, Queensland, Australia ($31)

Linley Henson, New South Wales, Australia ($25)

Tim Jeans, Victoria, Australia ($25)

Kathie Van Voorhis, Illinois, USA ($25)

Nick Columb, Victoria, Australia ($25)

Dave Trunciman, Victoria, Australia ($25)


Chris Dixon, Victoria, Australia ($15)

Gregory Jones, Massachusetts, USA ($10)

Naomi Counsil, Victoria, Australia ($10)

Aida Filote, Vrancea, Romania ($10)

Joel Blomqvist, Skane, Sweden ($10)

Wouter Thomassen, The Netherlands ($10)

Nikki Signor, Victoria, Australia ($10)

Jason Guille, British Columbia, Canada ($10)

Sara Wilde, New South Wales, Australia ($10)

James Meissner, Alabama, USA ($10)

Mark Hestletine, Victoria, Australia ($10)

This project also thanks the many generous contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

If you wish to contribute to the cause please go to Igg.me/at/cannabisforadhd.